Quentley Barbara | Museum Beelden aan Zee | Beeldhouwkunst in Den Haag

Quentley Barbara

27 September - 24 November 2019

Quentley Barbara

Now n Then

In general, the work is about the past and nowYou see me hanging around with friends by a rooi(canal) in my neighbourhood (Veeris) in Curaçao. That was our meeting placeit was thereI saw my friendsTico, Tahir, Terrence – and myself.


After school wewent there every day to chill, ride our bikes and fool around in Veeris and the nearby neighbourhoodsIt was a challenge to jump from one side of the rooito the other, whichis dangerousThsides of the canal are made of bricks, theyre hard so it hurts if you fall on them.


In mywork I also wanted to show the relationship between where I now live in The Hague andScheveningen. JustlikeCuraçao, I also have friends that I meet herefor example Cedric ter Bals, who livesin Scheveningen. Ieven shared a studio with him for a while. We createautobiographical art, we support each other, we inspire each othertmake different, newworksThemotto is:makeart.


Bridging thecanal, the rooi, is a sort of reflection ofCuraçao andthe Netherlandsasymbol offriendship.