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Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

Museum Beelden aan Zee wants patronage to have a new, permanent place in the museum, and to that aim has brought a Board of Trustees into existence, the first museum in the Netherlands to do so. The patronage offers (sculptural) art lovers the opportunity to associate themselves with Beelden aan Zee as patrons and to advise on the acquisition and exhibition policy.

Patronage, the protection and financial favouring of arts and sciences, is as old as the hills. The founders of Museum Beelden aan Zee Museum, Theo and Lida Scholten, devoted a large part of their lives to collecting works of art. They laid the basis for the current collection of Beelden aan Zee, so that thousands of people can now enjoy sculpture.

The basic principle of the private Museum Beelden aan Zee is to allow the museum to function without government subsidies, in the future as well. The museum therefore continually seeks supporters who are sympathetic to the museum and sculpture. We need people who are willing to associate themselves with the Scholtens’ initiative and contribute to the meaning, beauty and continuity of the museum and its activities. The expansion of the collection, the organisation of exhibitions of international importance, the implementation of stimulating educational programmes and the publication of monographs and other documents are some of the activities of the museum.

Mission of the Board of Trustees

The objective of the Board of Trustees of Museum Beelden aan Zee is to guarantee the museum continual support in achieving its mission. As lovers of sculpture, members affiliate themselves as patrons of Beelden aan Zee. They do this by advising the museum on its acquisition and exhibition policy and contributing financially during a long-term period.