Fairytale Sculptures by the sea | Beelden aan Zee

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Fairytale Sculptures by the Sea

Fairytale Sculptures by the Sea

In 2004, Beelden aan Zee Museum opened a fascinating terrace on the boulevard. Bronze sculptures are freely accessible twenty-four hours a day in ‘SprookjesBeelden aan Zee’. American sculptor Tom Otterness, who designed similar public installations for New York, immersed himself in fairy tales and legends about the sea and modeled twenty-three groups of sculptures of which the largest – the Herring eater – reaches more than twelve meters into the sky.



At first glance, the images look happy, but upon closer inspection, the fairytales turn out to be rather creepy, and sometimes even grim. As part of the beach resort Scheveningen, the sculpture terrace is open to the public and free of charge. Adding a new dimension to the boulevard it also serves as a 'portal' into the museum Beelden aan Zee.