Per Abramsen | Museum Beelden aan Zee | Beeldhouwkunst in Den Haag

Per Abramsen

12 april - 8 september 2024

Per Abramsen

Delighted Flashback

The Rotterdam sculptor Per Abramsen (1941 - 2018) was not only a sculptor but also an inventor and architect. This technical and creative versatility is reflected in his extensive oeuvre. For example, he worked with a wide range of materials whose physical limits he explored. His style developed in the 1970s from abstract to figurative, incorporating social principles in his so-called "table sculptures''. In the presentation of fifteen sculptures, these tables, which he ascribed an important, symbolic place in human life, occupy a prominent place.

Quote from Per Abramsen: "If you don't recognize something, you can reject it or become curious. I aim for curiosity."

The exhibition at museum Beelden aan Zee will feature primarily bronze works from Abramsen's oeuvre.


Photo and video: Studio Gerrit Schreurs