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Jordan Herregraven

30 August 2018 - 30 September 2018

Jordan Herregraven

Angel Bait

Stokroos Sculpture Programme

The Stokroos Foundation, which works in collaboration with a number of Dutch museums, attaches great importance to a high quality of craftsmanship and depth of concept. Every year the Foundation and museum Beelden aan Zee unite to form a jury that selects an emerging artist who works in three dimensions and who has recently completed their studies at the academy. Included in this year’s jury were André Kruysen, Hans van Bentem and Willem Noyons.

Artist Statement:

Growing up as an only child I feel that in some way our family dogs became my siblings. We in turn cared for one another, bridging the language gap through less civilized means of communication. Caring for the weak and broken, giving attention to the vulnerable, I found connections to something deeper in both myself and the things around me. The figure of what I have called the “pneumanima”, my reoccurring sculptural body, becomes an ever changing symbol of the immaterial, the poetic in nature and the spirit of the human soul and psyche. The pneumanima is a simple form that can be transformed to describe states of existence. Besides the form I use a growing canon of symbolic materials, both to create meaning and a single thread between the works. Each of these materials hold an aesthetic value but even more so an allegorical one. With the installation of my work I like to play with the energy, weight and relationship between objects and space to create a visceral narrative. Each work is  an intuitive puzzle piece of a whole body, whether in concept or physical presence. For me the artistic process is as an act of creation that parallels ontological understanding with craftsmanship. Ultimately, I am interested in the importance of the imagination as a symbolic reflection of our experience of life, the meeting of our inner and outer worlds, which is where I believe we give significance to things.