Jacob van der Beugel | Museum Beelden aan Zee

Jacob van der Beugel

7 March - 7 June 2020

Jacob van der Beugel

A Mutating Story

Museum Beelden aan Zee presents Jacob van der Beugel’s most recent work through a stunning installation, A Mutating Story. He combines art with science to explore the human genome (an organism’s complete set of hereditary material) and its ability to change or mutate. The medical condition cancer and its cellular structure forms the subject of this fascinating installation. By using ceramics and cutting-edge building materials in a unique way, and basing his work on real medical data, Van der Beugel captures the essence of human resilience and fragility. The concept of identity is also explored through the strong and lasting materials he uses, resulting in an imaginative work that takes us beyond what it is to be human.

Van der Beugel (1978) born in the United Kingdom of Dutch parents, lives and works in the UK. Winner of the prestigious American CODAworx Award and various British art prizes, he is also a member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors. He has worked as artist in residence at the Wellcome Sanger Institute, the epidemiology department of York University and the chemistry of health department at Cambridge University. Van der Beugel’s commissions include the North Sketch Sequence at Chatsworth House and the recently completed ceramic “DNA room” at Huis ten Bosch Palace.

Evolve, Emerge, Enhance – The confluence of art and science

On Monday 11 November 2019, a symposium will be held for artists, academics, biologists and creative technologists on the confluence of art and science, and how rapidly emerging technologies can transform creative practice. The full programme is available at www.beeldenaanzee.nl/activiteiten