Igor Mitoraj | Museum Beelden aan Zee | Beeldhouwkunst in Scheveningen

Igor Mitoraj

19 june 2021 - 3 April 2022

Igor Mitoraj


Visitors to the Beelden aan Zee museum are certainly familiar with his sculptures: the large mask atop the dune near the museum is one of his works, and there are various pieces of sculpture in the collection that are regularly exhibited or loaned. The large statue on the hilltop looks like a fragment of a classic theatre mask. Mitoraj called it: Moonlight: the cut-off top of the head seems to dissolve into the air, which is mysteriously moonlit at night. In the summer of 2021, Beelden aan Zee will exhibit an overview of the sculptues of Igor Mitoraj (1944-2014).


The aim of this exhibition is to give an overview of Mitoraj's work, with an emphasis on his monumental sculptures and the diversity of his work. Themes such as the mask, the human body, veiling, classical antiquity, incision, fragments, bondage and winged figures form the core of Mitoraj's work. He uses these to address larger dialectical issues such as freedom and incarceration, eternal beauty and the fleeting fashion of the Pomo, the melancholy of history in contrast to the relevance of the contemporary artist. Igor Mitoraj is the main exhibition of the Estate Italiana, Italian Summer in the Beelden aan Zee museum, in which smaller Italian exhibitions are planned, for example of a contemporary of Mitoraj, Pietro Cascella. 

A catalogue containing images of all the works and written by John Sillevis is being published to coincide with the exhibition.