Hieke Luik | Beelden aan Zee | Museum voor beeldhouwkunst in Scheveningen

Hieke Luik

7 oktober 2016 - 12 februari 2017

Hieke Luik

Again. Reset

The first impressions gained when seeing sculptures by Hieke Luik (1958, Apeldoorn) are of movement, energy and growth. Her sculptures and drawings express wonder for the indefinable and constant movement found in nature. This does not necessarily relate to people, animals or plants, but to the universal and permanent process of fertility, germination, growth, maturity, decline, death and returning anew. In her work this cycle can be seen as a thought process that has been modelled. A striking example of this is the recent work Links (2016). In the course of time and as the result of modelling in wax on an armature of copper wire, new links are constantly being created as the result of squeezing, bending and observing the reactions in the form at that given moment. This process of ‘making whilst thinking’ results in new forms being discovered that together can form a changing whole. As a consequence the sculpture has no permanent core. The character of the skin of a sculpture is of great importance to Luik because as its surface this bears all the traces of the process of the object’s coming into being. Time is, as it were, part of the modelling process.

The exhibition is named Again.Reset because Luik wants not only to look back on her oeuvre, she also wants to see her work in a new light, to retake sculptures and in some cases re-use them. Not only the individual work is cyclic, all works are: reset.