Hans van Bentem | Museum Beelden aan Zee | Beeldhouwkunst in Den Haag

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Hans van Bentem


Hans van Bentem

Sculptures on the patio

Hans van Bentem is a visual glutton; “I look around like a kid in a candy store and pick things up everywhere.” This amazement and open-mindedness is reflected in his associative work process in which elements from pop culture, comic books and 'non-Western' art are playfully interwoven. His images are always made with the greatest care. For this he works together with the best craftsmen in various countries, who meticulously execute his sometimes very complex and monumental designs. He shows three groups of sculptures in Beelden aan Zee. They fill the tranquil patio with their color and soothing shapes. In fact, they are separate ensembles that originated in different periods and are brought together here into one story.