Geer Steyn | Museum Beelden aan Zee | Beeldhouwkunst in Den Haag

Geer Steyn

12 february 2016 - 15 may 2016

Geer Steyn


Geer Steyn (1945) is a master of the sculptured medal, but is also the sculptor of fragments of the human body. He also has been a lecturer at the KABK (Royal Academy of Art The Hague). Whether he creates a medal, head, torso or a pair of legs (always in serial), his work serves the same purpose: defining the concept of ‘space’ and the interplay with gravity. This spring Geer Steyn exhibits an overview of his medals and sculptures in museum Beelden aan Zee.

Cinematic Trilogy

A cinematic triptych by Rianne van Schijndel is shown in the museum's cinema. In the spring of 2014 van Schijndel, artist and teacher at the Amsterdam School of the Arts, visited Geer Steyn in his Italian gallery where he worked on an image in marble. She made a cinematic trilogy about this creation process, the craftsmanship, the inspiration of the sculptor and the influence of the environment on this. Sometimes the three film images are independent of each other, often they also change seamlessly from one screen into the other screen.


The monograph Geer Steyn. Sculptor will be issued to accompany the exhibition, with contributions by Jadwiga Pol, Albert Smit, Hans Sizoo, Geer Steyn and Jan Teeuwisse (Waanders uitgevers, Zwolle, € 24,95). A movie, by Rianne van Schijndel, about the artist wil be displayed during the exhibition.