Gabriëlle Meijer | Museum Beelden aan Zee | Museum voor beeldhouwkunst in Scheveningen

Gabriëlle Meijer

31 march 2016 - 16 may 2016

Gabriëlle Meijer


The artist describes her works as: "The earthly and cumbersome character that characterizes my work plays an important role. As a meat butcher I dissect the body and the ideal. Body parts are elevated to pieces of flesh, the skin becomes a landscape full of structure, breasts deform into hanging bags so that the perfection is melted down to tenderness and vulnerability."

Gabrielle Meijer confronts the viewer with the imperfection, vulnerability and intimacy on a personal level and offers a counterweight to the ideals of beauty within our social realms. Exhibition ECHO displays the relationship between sculpture and photography. The sculptures are made of deciduous wax or of harsh concrete, and with their oval shape refer to mirrors and lack of reflection. Through the medium of photography, the artist captures impersonal and eternal objects. Photography is a resonance - an echo - of the true sculpture: the body.

In 2013 Gabrielle Meijer graduated from the Utrecht School of the Arts and is currently following the Bachelor of Fine Art and Design in Education program. In 2015, Beelden aan Zee bought the reliefs Echo and Dubio Pro Reo during a group exhibition in ArtDeli. ECHO is the first museum solo exhibition of the artist.