Erica van Seeters | Museum Beelden aan Zee | Beeldhouwkunst in Den Haag

Erica van Seeters

13 januari - 14 juli 2024

Erica van Seeters

Cosmic contrasts

Sculptor Erica van Seeters 1962, (HKU) works primarily in stone. From large to very small. These small works will soon be on display in the Wim Quist (medals) showcase. Her small sculptural works give an insight into her quest for "empty space". The question of whether compacted matter, such as stone, for the most part is not actually space instead of matter (quantum physics).

What then is this space? Energy, light, frequency, love, or....?

Stars and planets orbit the sun, as in the atom, where the electrons orbit the nucleus. Limitless galaxies, incessant motion, in the universe and in our cells. A universe, a micro-macrocosm, two polar forces: attraction and centrifugal force. Nothing is fixed.