Education | Beelden aan Zee

ATTENTION: there will be different opening times until 15 March. Click here for more information.




Museum Beelden aan Zee offers a wide variety of educational activities. Children of different age groups (3-7 years, 8-12 years and 12-18 years) can make use of one of the informative and fun art charts during a visit to the museum. In addition, there are workshops for pupils from primary and secondary schools but also for visitors during the school holidays. A made-to-measure programme is of course also included in the possibilities.

A new hall in the museum, the Gipsoteca, has been open since 14 November 2014. In the Gipsoteca can be found more than 1000 preliminary plaster studies of sculptures; these provide insights into the artists’ creative thought processes. It is a unique area in which there is much to see and to learn from. Workshops are provided for a variety of groups in this new hall; during these workshops the participants actively become acquainted with the Gipsoteca and with the material plaster.

In addition to having 2 permanent members of staff, the education department consists of 12 museum teachers and 2 freelancers. Together they are responsible for setting up and carrying out the educational projects that take place in the museum. Contact the education department via: