Ap Verheggen | Museum Beelden aan Zee | Beeldhouwkunst in Den Haag

The museum is closed from March 20 till April 6 for the build-up of Henry Moore.


Ap Verheggen

22 april 2016 - 2 october 2016

Ap Verheggen

De SunGlacier (DC01)

The SunGlacier sculpture (DC01) is a water drop-inspired functioning structure made from red cedar. The over 2.5 meter modular artwork is situated on a metallic base that contains components to condense water from humidity in the atmosphere, and is accompanied by solar panels to generate the power needed.

Water that is produced erupts at intervals from the apex and flows down the wooden sculpture to create a changing surface effect. This revolutionary art-meets-science project by artist Ap Verheggen is designed to inspire a positive approach to the future as it demonstrates the potential of using solar power to harvest fresh water from air.