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House rules

House rules

In line with the national policy regarding the coronavisus museum Sculptures by the Sea applies different house rules. We ask you to read these carefully before you visit the museum.

Entrance policy as of January 26th 2022

To visit the museum, everyone 13 years and over has to wear a face mask ánd show a valid QR-code. The QR-code can be shown via the CoronaCheck app or via paper QR-code. As of 14 year and older you also have to be able to show valid identification. Furthermore wearing a face mask is mandatory. 

For more information about the CoronaCheck app and (applying for) a paper QR-code we refer you to the website of CoronaCheck.

In the context of organised educational activities there is an exception on showing a valid QR-code for young people up until 17 years old and their supervisors.

As of September 25th 2021, visitors of the museumcafé were already obligated to show a valid QR-code.


1. We ask our vistors to book time slots. This way we can regulate the visitor flow and ensure a save and quiet experience for all our visitors.
2. It is mandatory to wear a mask.
3. Large bags - such as backpacks - are not permitted. We ask that you leave them at home or elsewhere. We have limited lockers available.
4. Small handbags (measuring up to 21 x 30 cm) are permitted.
5. Please do not come to the museum if you have any of the following complaints: colds, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, loss of smell, loss of taste, mild cough and / or elevated temperature (from 38 degrees).
6. You should also avoid coming to the museum if someone in your household has a fever or if you have been in contact with someone with a possible Corona virus infection.
7. Kindly always follow the directions and instructions of the museum staff.