Teaching plaster kit

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Teaching Plaster

Teaching Plaster

Educational Kit


The Teaching Plaster Kit is a ‘Plaster’ themed educational teaching aid. These large boxes contain various lessons/workshops that can be used at school for the middle and upper grades. The Teaching Plaster Kit contains all the necessary materials needed to carry out four different workshops with 2 groups of 30 children. There are instructional films to go with the workshops which can be found on the website www.gipsotheekaanzee.nl under “Wilhelmina’s Experiments.” This means that you can start almost immediately, with very little preparatory work! The plaster workshops can be carried out with a complete class or in smaller groups.

Target group: Ages 9-12
Cost: €2500 per kit
Purchase & more info: Please mail to educatie@beeldenaanzee.nl or call 070-358 90 76 Please include the number of children, age group and your contact information.