Symposium: evolve, emerge, enhance | Museum Beelden aan Zee

Symposium: evolve, emerge, enhance

Symposium: evolve, emerge, enhance

the confluence of art and science

Museum Beelden aan Zee | Sculptuur Instituut, is pleased to announce the rescheduling of the symposium Evolve, Emerge, Enhance – the confluence of art and science. This symposium, sponsored by The Henry Moore Foundation, is associated with A Mutating Story, an exhibition by UK born Dutch artist Jacob van der Beugel, open from 18 July 2020 until March 2021.

Due to COVID-19 regulations this event is now an online event and will be streamed from museum Beelden aan Zee on Monday November 16, 2020.

Artists, academics, biologists and creative technologists and interested parties, will come together online via museum Beelden aan Zee to examine the confluence of art and science and how rapidly emerging technologies are changing creative practices. It will be a chance to explore the challenges and opportunities currently facing their respective fields.

Themes for the symposium will include:

  • Interdisciplinary practices, the challenges and benefits
  • Bio-art, new media through the confluence of art, science and technology
  • Artistic practice of Jacob van der Beugel
  • Post-humanism and human enhancement through artistic practice
  • Future roles of artists and scientists working in collaboration
  • New technologies and their impact on creative practice
  • Curatorial challenges and possibilities

Online participants: Free. A link to the online event will be sent following registration.

Please register by 12 November 2020. Register here.

The symposium will be recorded and a link to the recording emailed to everyone who participated.




Session 1  
Introduction:  9.30 - 09:40 am CET Professor Dr. Jan Teeuwisse - Director, museum Beelden aan Zee

Keynote Speakers:
09:40 - 10:10am CET Professor Dr. Carl Gombrich (LIS) London Interdisciplinary School (UK)
- on Interdisciplinarity, its importance, challenges and benefits in an evolving world.

10.20 – 10.50am CET - Professor Dr. Robert Zwijnenberg, Leiden University (NL) – on the confluence of art and science in context, discussing how we can ensure that the arts are relevant and urgent at this time.


Session 2 

11.20 -11.45am CET– Jacob van der Beugel (UK/NL) – presents his challenging new work, A Mutating Story, its links with scientific research, new technologies and discusses his collaboration with Dr Henk Jonkers.

11.50 - 12.25 CET– Associate professor Dr. Henk Jonkers, Delft University (NL) – presents his ground-breaking research into innovative bio-based high-performance construction materials such as self-healing concrete and discusses his collaboration with Jacob van der Beugel.


Session 3 

1.30 – 2.00pm CET- Professor Dr. Hans Clevers Utrecht University (NL) – short presentation on art and science interdisciplinarity and the challenges of art/science collaborations.

2.05 – 2.30pm CET- Lotte Pet -PhD candidate (NL) from Leiden University presents her current research topic that demonstrates the confluence of art, science and technology.

2.35 – 3.15pm CET– Professor Dr. Michael White (UK) from York University presents interdisciplinary research-led practice and future directions in contemporary art, including sculpture.

3.20pm CET - Closing remarks – Professor Dr. Robert Zwijnenberg, Head of Art and Science Interactions, Leiden University.

Close of Symposium- 3. 30pm CET