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Sculpture in the Quist Gallery


Sculpture in the Quist Gallery

Reliefs, medallic art, works on paper and archives from the collection of the Beelden aan Zee museum

In this gallery, named after the building’s architect, Wim Quist, permanent attention is paid to lower profile sculpture with seemingly two-dimensional attributes. This includes reliefs, plaques and tokens, amongst other things.  When thinking of sculpture, thoughts often jump to a three-dimensional autonomous object that must be considered from all sides. It is in this hall that the second dimension is addressed.

Relief is a full-fledged medium of sculpture with a millennia-old pedigree, while the medallic art is the modern department within historical numismatics. Who does not know the sculptures and reliefs of the Parthenon, the Borobudur or the Beurs van Berlage? Didactic or storytelling sculpture has long served a functional purpose in the context of supporting architecture. In modern art, however, the relief has become an autonomous work of art. This selection from the museum Beelden aan Zee collection presents visitors with a varied overview.

This display case designed by Wim Quist is dedicated to presentations from our own collections of medallic art, works on paper and our archives.