Mitoraj x Mart Visser x Beelden aan Zee | Museum Beelden aan Zee | Beeldhouwkunst in Den Haag

Museum Beelden aan Zee is open on 26 December!


Mitoraj x Mart Visser x Beelden aan Zee

Mitoraj x Mart Visser x Beelden aan Zee

Mart Visser designs exhibition Igor Mitoraj - Facade for Museum Beelden aan Zee

The well-known couturier, designer and visual artist Mart Visser designs the large summer exhibition of the Beelden aan Zee museum. He will place the images in a contemporary way in a space compartmentalized with glass panels. This creates a poetic, semi-transparent, very modern environment that literally and figuratively offers the visitor the space to lose themselves in this exhibition. Visser completes the total sensory experience of the exhibition with a soundscape and a summery scent in the room. This creates the perfect combination of sculpture by the world-famous Polish-Italian sculptor Igor Mitoraj (1944 – 2014), the master sculptor of Pietrasanta, in the space created by Multi talent Mart Visser.

Inspired by the beauty of classical antiquity, Mitoraj created numerous monumental sculptures in bronze and marble that reflect an entirely contemporary insight into the Condition Humaine. His images have a melancholy, calm aura; they are timeless. The human figures are classically and sensually designed, but at the same time fragmented or subject to dismantling. The exhibition will be titled Façade, as a tribute to the monumental maskLight of the Moon on the dune in front of the museum, the 'face' of Beelden aan Zee.

Images aan Zee is the only museum in the Netherlands to have collected work by Mitoraj. In 1997, when the Beelden aan Zee museum had only been open for three years, an exhibition was devoted to him under the title Enigmatic Beauty/Enigmatic Beauty. Now, a quarter of a century later, the time has come to present a retrospective of the now deceased artist to the general public. In addition to five important pieces by Mitoraj from its own collection, the museum will receive a large number of works from the Atelier Mitoraj in Pietrasanta, Italy, on loan, from which Mitoraj's estate is managed. The selection is supplemented by a number of private loans from the Netherlands. In total, more than sixty works can be seen in the exhibition in plaster, bronze and marble.

Sculptor of public space
Igor Mitoraj was educated at the Art Academy in Kraków and the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris. In 1972 he made a study trip of several months to Mexico, where he became very impressed by pre-Columbian art. After this, Mitoraj decided to focus on sculpture. In 1983 he moved to Pietrasanta, world famous for its millennia old marble quarries. An important moment in his career was the purchase of the large bronze statue Testa Addormentata, which was given a place in Canary Wharf, London's business district. In 1986 he was invited to participate in the 42nd Venice Biennale. With this participation, he also established his fame internationally. The Light of the Moon sculpture was part of the Time Machine exhibition. Ancient Egypt and Contemporary Art at the British Museum (1994). In the same year there was a major overview in the Yorkshire Sculpture Park where the founders of Beelden aan Zee, Theo and Lida Scholten, bought the Light of the Moon sculpture right before the opening of their museum. Mitoraj's sculptures have been exhibited posthumously in Pompeii (2016/2017) and can be seen in many places in public space, including Paris, London, Rome, Milan and Krakow.

The exhibition of Igor Mitoraj can be seen from June 19, 2021 to February 6, 2022.